Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS INCLUDED IN THE RESERVATION? The entire climate controlled facility for the day, bridal suite, groomsmen lounge, tables, chairs, lounge furniture, layout consultation meeting, complete furniture set up before, during, and after event, two building managers, and two parking attendants. While the client is responsible for cleaning up and removing all decorations following the event, The Booking House takes care of cleaning bathrooms and floors of the facility.


WHAT IS A LAYOUT CONSULTATION MEETING? During the layout consultation The Booking House staff works diligently to create a custom layout that best fits the client’s needs and we take care of all the set up and tear down before and after your event.


WHO IS HERE DURING OUR EVENT AND WHAT DO THEY TAKE CARE OF? The Booking House also provides two building managers and two parking attendants on the day of your event. The parking attendants are here an hour before the start of your event to direct guests into parking spots upon arrival, and they stay until the “Flip” from ceremony to reception is completed. The building managers are here the whole day. One is here in the morning to answer questions, help the vendors get in and out easily, and make sure building is ready to go for the event. Two new managers arrive an hour prior to the start of your event to direct guests upon arrival, help with elevators, adjust temperatures and lighting, and sell cigars. They will also be monitoring the bar, making sure guests are not over served. These staff members are not coordinators and they do not help with set up or clean up; they are simply here to answer questions about the building and make sure everyone is safe. They will take care of closing down the building once you have your items cleaned up and loaded in your vehicles.


HOW LONG DO I HAVE THE FACILITY? When you reserve The Booking House, you get the entire building to yourself for your big day starting at 10 am. We allow 5.5 hours of “party time” in which guests arrive for the ceremony and/or cocktail hour, and reception. Time for set up, getting ready, and clean up is not taken from the 5.5 hour “party time.” If you want to add additional hours to your “party time” there are additional fees that will be applied and The Booking House staff must have the payment the week of your event. At the end of the event you have one hour to clean up and load anything you brought in. The client is charged $500 per hour that our staff must be here after the first hour of clean up, so please do not bring more than you can clean up within the hour.


The Rizzardi Room can accommodate approximately 250 guests seated for ceremony and reception.


WHAT IS YOUR CAPACITY IN THE WHITAKER ROOM? The Whitaker Room can accommodate approximately 165 seated for a ceremony, and can accommodate more than 250 for standing cocktail hour when combined with The Station Room.


WHAT IS YOUR CAPACITY IN THE STATION ROOM? This room can hold up to 100 standing guests for cocktail hour and up to 250 when combined with The Whitaker Room.


WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE CROW’S NEST? The Crow’s Nest is a cigar lounge adding a unique space that you and your guests can enjoy throughout the night. This lounge area is great for the groomsmen to prepare for the event and hang out while the bridal party uses the first floor bridal suite. The room features plush leather furniture, tv, card and game table, mini bar, powder room, and a ventilation system allowing guests to smoke cigars. Cigarette smoking is not permitted inside.


WHAT IS THE BRIDAL SUITE LIKE? The bridal suite is a newly renovated, feminine space for the bridal party to use during the event. There is plenty of room to accommodate hair and makeup artists on-site. The room features plenty of picturesque spaces, lots of comfy seating, kitchenette, Keurig and coffee supplies, powder room, and cubbies to store personal items. This is one of the only rooms that guests do not use during the evening and we include a key so that items can be safely stored in this area.


DO YOU CATER? No, we do not prepare any food ourselves. We provide a list of preferred caterers that the lessee must choose from or an additional $1,000 fee will be applied. The Booking House reserves the right to deny a caterer to serve at the event depending on past experiences and inability to provide insurance. All caterers must manage bartenders and are responsible for clean up and removal of all alcohol and food related trash during and at the conclusion of the event. You do not have to choose a vendor on our preferred vendor list but an additional fee must be paid to bring in an outside caterer. If they cannot perform the tasks required by e Booking House, you may have to forfeit your security deposit to cover any costs associated with their mess. All vendors at The Booking House must provide proof of insurance as noted in the agreement.


MAY I ACT AS MY OWN VENDOR? While we do not suggest this, you are more than welcome to be your own florist or DJ. If you decide to be your own florist, you will be expected to arrive with your work completed and you may not use our building as your workshop. All food provided for events must be supplied only by licensed and insured vendors unless you have special permission from The Booking House.


MAY WE HAVE A DJ OR BAND? Yes, you may have a DJ or a band, but all music must come to a close by 11 pm. Special exceptions may be made but must be approved by The Booking House.


IS ALCOHOL ALLOWED? We do not have insurance coverage for the use of alcohol and do not assume any responsibility for its use. If you choose to have alcohol for your wedding reception, you are fully responsible for it. If you purchase/provide your own alcohol, you must buy a “One Day Event Insurance Policy” and all alcohol must be served by a certified bartender managed by your caterer.  The caterer that you have hired is responsible for clean up and removal of alcoholic trash during and at the conclusion of the event. No outside alcohol is permitted at an event and guests or members of the wedding party may not bring their own supply. Any alcohol found not in the possession of the bartender when the event starts will be confiscated. It is the responsibility of the Lessee/host to ensure the safe departure of all guests from The Booking House.


WHO BRINGS THE ALCOHOL? Clients may purchase and provide all their own alcohol as long as everything is served to guests by a bartender. Guests may not bring their own alcohol and any unattended alcohol will be confiscated by our staff and put behind the bar for the bartenders to serve.


CAN WE DECORATE? Yes, you may decorate as long as you do not need use of a ladder; any decorating that requires the use of a ladder must be done by an insured vendor that can provide proof of insurance. Confetti, silly string, loose seeds, and rice are prohibited from The Booking House. Please do not put tacks or nails in the fireplace or walls. All décor being hung on fireplace or walls must be approved by The Booking House.


ARE CANDLES ALLOWED? Candles are allowed at The Booking House as long as there are no open flames. We require that the candles are inside jars or containers, and must be on top of tables or the mantles; no real flames on the floors. Small tea lights are prohibited; please choose votive candles or larger candles when making décor selections.


MAY WE SET UP THE NIGHT BEFORE? Set up is allowed starting at 10am on the morning of your event.  This gives The Booking House crew the time they need to set up tables and chairs and make sure the facility is clean before your event. There are some instances where you may come in the day prior to your event but this is not guaranteed and any special accommodations must be approved by The Booking House. No items may be stored in warehouse following the wedding.


MAY WE STORE ITEMS PRIOR TO THE EVENT? Yes, we can accommodate a certain amount of items to be stored one day prior to your event. We take no liability for theft or damage of these items. The items can be stored overnight in our warehouse space on the designated pallet. Please bring a sheet or tarp to cover items to avoid misplacement. No items may be stored in warehouse following the wedding.


WHEN DO WE NEED TO HAVE EVERYTHING OUT OF THE BUILDING? When the party ends, you will have one hour to remove all decorations and belongings. You must take all items with you the night of your event. We begin cleaning right after your event; anything left will be considered trash and removed. If excessive amounts of items are left on premises, Lessee will forfeit their security deposit and could be charged an additional fee to cover clean up expenses. No items may be stored in the warehouse following the wedding or additional clean up fees will apply.


MUST WE TAKE AWAY THE TRASH? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR FACILITIES CLEAN UP? Caterers and bartenders are responsible for removal of their trash along with all of the alcohol trash. If the caterers or bartenders cannot perform this action it is the responsibility of the Lessee to take the trash or the security deposit will be forfeited. You are responsible for removing all decorations and belongings at the end of the night. The Booking House will remove all other trash and will clean the event space and the bathrooms after you leave.


DOES A WEDDING COORDINATOR COME WITH THE RENTAL FEE? No, a wedding coordinator is not included in the rental fee, but we do have an on-site coordinator available for hire for an additional fee. Our on-site Day of Coordinator can be hired solely for one day, to make sure that you can relax knowing every detail of the day will be executed without flaw. We do provide complimentary consultations with The Booking House staff to simply go over layouts for our crews to set up. Our role is to be available to answer questions and render suggestions.


IS PARKING PROVIDED? Yes, parking is provided across the street from The Booking House but no vehicles are to be left overnight on the parking lot of The Booking House due to liability and safety. We provide two parking attendants for every event to assist with directing guests into parking spots.


IS IT OKAY TO INVITE CHILDREN? Children are welcome at The Booking House but must be supervised. At no time during your event should children be wandering freely around the building.


ARE SPARKLERS ALLOWED? We do allow sparklers to be used during a send off at the end of the night. All sparklers must be used on the sidewalk or gravel outside of the building and the Lessee must have a plan for sparklers to be properly disposed of.


WHAT ABOUT LINENS? We do not provide linens, and we recommend renting linens through your caterer to minimize work on your part. All items must be delivered on the day of your event.


ARE OTHER EVENTS SCHEDULED ON THE SAME DAY? We only schedule one event per day at The Booking House so that we may give each client our full focus and attention.


IS SET UP, GETTING READY, AND CLEAN UP PART OF THE 5.5 HOURS? The 5.5 hours is the time allotted for your guests to be here. The 5.5 hours begins when the ceremony is scheduled to start and ends when the music stops and guests leave that evening. You may begin set up and getting ready at 10:00am on the day of your event and clean up is one hour after the end of the event. This time is not part of the 5.5 hour time slot and there is no extra charge for this.


WHAT ABOUT A REHEARSAL? For every wedding event there is a complimentary hour of rehearsal time that will be scheduled as close to your event day as possible. When we are three months out from your wedding date we will contact you to set up your rehearsal. Please be aware that your rehearsal may not be the night before your event due to availability of the facility. There may be another party’s rehearsal in the morning on your wedding day (between 9:00am and 11:00am). If you are interested in having your rehearsal dinner at The Booking House please talk to our staff about our party rates.


WHERE CAN WE TAKE PICTURES? There are plenty of places to take pictures in the building as well as outside. One block away is Manheim’s historic train station, which displays a railroad car, and more historic photo spots. Behind The Booking House there is a farmer’s field along with a beautiful wooded area for photos. A short walk or drive away there is a park with soccer fields, trees, and a creek.


WHO MOVES FURNITURE FROM CEREMONY TO RECEPTION? The Booking House staff manages this process and makes sure that the layout is correct but does require that the caterer assists.


WHO PROVIDES TABLES AND CHAIRS? In your reservation you will also have access to all of our furniture at no extra cost. Our 5 ft. round tables accommodate 8 to 10 people each. Upon request, we can provide a list of all furniture and the floor plans for the facility. If you choose to rent different tables or chairs they must be delivered and picked up on the day of your event.


WHO IS HERE FOR THE DAY OF? While we do not include coordination services in the base rental, we do recommend hiring a day of coordinator to assist with the flow of your event. We have an in-house venue coordinator that can provide day of coordination services for an additional cost. The base rental rate includes two site managers and two parking attendants to direct guests and vendors upon arrival.


WHAT IF WE HAVE TO CANCEL OUR DATE AFTER WE ALREADY PAID THE DEPOSIT/DIFFERENCE? We do not refund any deposits or payments unless we can open the date back up early enough and someone else books that date for their wedding.


**Any further questions please contact