About Us


Our Family & Staff care about YOU. We did not plan on opening a venue and we don’t have a board of investors to please. We host weddings because we want to!


We understand the gravity of a wedding day and know that you don’t get a “Do – Over”.



J.P. Perron – President


Michele Perron – Director of Hospitality


Michaela Perron – Sales & Marketing Coordinator




A little bit of history about the building and how it became The Booking House: The old General Cigar Co. Warehouse was built back in 1884 and produced cigars for more than 50 years. Through the years, the building was used for many things, primarily for storage. Our family was looking for some warehouse space to store construction equipment when a friend told us about this building. We immediately saw the beauty in this old brick structure with its thick chestnut beams and wood floors. We found ourselves and many friends who we took through the building saying the same thing: ” This would be a great place to have a party or wedding!” The dreaming turned into planning. We decided that with a little “TLC” (well-ok a lot of “TLC”!) we could fix up this old beauty for many people to enjoy as a place to host their special occasions. So construction began in January of 2014 and we completed renovations in July of 2014. Since completion we have hosted many weddings and as a family we are very excited for what the future holds!